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GOBBLE GOBBLE MR. WOBBLE by Becky Cummings #ThanksgivingBook #Childrens #FamilyBook #FarmBook #BookReview

Gobble, Gobble Mr. Wobble
by Becky Cummings
Published:  October 7, 2019
Available Formats: Paperback, EBook, Kindle Unlimited
Genre:  Children's Bird Books, Children's Farm Books, Vegetarian Teachings for Children


Wobble the turkey loves Thanksgiving! Especially when he finds out Farmer Joe will be “having him for dinner!” He can’t wait to be the dinner guest on this most special day. 
As Farmer Joe sharpens his ax and prepares, Wobble prepares too. He styles his gobbler. He practices his loud, joyous gobbles and gets to bed extra early. 
Meanwhile his friends on the farm do not share his excitement. Wobble just can’t understand why! 
How will dinner turn out for Wobble? Find out in this adorable story that captures the true meaning of Thanksgiving. 

Spoiler Alert: The farmer and his family do not eat Mr. Wobble and he is the guest of honor. In the author’s note after the story, Cummings shares that she is a vegetarian and offers the idea of going meatless for one day a week. If you can gobble that, then grab this new must-have book for your collection!

My Review:

What a fun, cute story! Mr. Wobble is so excited when the Farmer tells him he is having some special guests to Thanksgiving dinner this year and for him to prepare to join them.  Of course all, as he preens and prepares, all of the other animals hang their heads, feeling very sad for him as they expect him to BE dinner. Everyone is in for a big surprise on Thanksgiving day!  Beautiful illustrations and so well written.  Perfect for small children but you might want to read it yourself first to be prepared for the ending.  Then you will know if it's right for your family! Fun, quick read on either paperback or eBook!


I received my copy of this book via a free giveaway and have gratefully chosen to review it.

About the Author:

Becky Cummings is an author, teacher and mom of three. She loves kids and speaking her truth. Becky is blessed to combine these passions by writing children’s books that spread messages of love, hope, faith, health, and happiness. When she isn’t writing you might find her salsa dancing, eating a veggie burrito at her favorite Mexican joint, or traveling to new places! Becky is available for author visits and wants to connect with you, so be sure to visit her on Facebook, or Instagram and visit her website,

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