Wednesday, February 5, 2020

THE TROUBLE WITH DEMONS | by Sheena Austin #YA #ParanormalRomance #giveaway #SilverDaggerBookTours

The Trouble With Demons 
by Sheena Austin 
Genre: YA Paranormal Romance 

Michelle always knew the head cheerleader who stole her boyfriend was demonic. She just didn’t realize Janice was an actual demon. And that’s not even the most interesting revelation of Michelle’s eighteenth birthday—also, coincidentally, prom night. She also learns that she is a half-angel warrior. And nothing could make for a more satisfying birthday-prom than sending that demon cheerleader straight back to hell. Then she discovers that her parents didn’t die when she was 16, after all. They’re alive, and they need her help. What else is a half-angel warrior to do? She heads out to kick some demon ass. Lucky for her, she’s also got her best friend Jonathan by her side. But there are still things she doesn’t know—not only about this hidden world she’s discovered, but about Jonathan himself. And those things could kill her if she isn’t careful. 

Sheena Austin is the author of The Spirit of Mr. Darcy which is featured Most Ardently: An Austen-Inspired Christmas Collection, Journey of the Heart, and Memoirs of a Disillusioned Heart. A lover of all romance, fantasy, cat whisperer, and Kermit obsessed, the author currently lives in Virginia with her boyfriend and two cats. 

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