Monday, March 16, 2020

Phrebbel the Phrongol's Vacation Pictures| by Joe Spraga #BookBlast #ChildrensPictureBook #Giveaway #SilverDaggerBookTours

Here's a children's picture book, along with a $50 Amazon gift card giveaway. I wonder if Phrebbel can be a carrier.... perhaps he's the origin of coronavirus.... Open worldwide, you have through 4/12 to enter. Good luck.

Phrebbel the Phrongol's Vacation Pictures 
by Joe Spraga 
Genre: Children's Picture Book 

Phrebbel The Phrongol from planet Phrongolia recently took many pictures while vacationing on planet Earth. He needs help identifying the pictures in his photo album because he has never seen these things before. Can you help him? This is a full color picture book designed to inspire critical thinking in CHILDREN. The pictures are of everyday things like people and animals you would see in nature and on planet Earth in general. The pictures allow the reader to come up with answers to help the main character Phrebbel, identify things he has never seen on planet Earth before. A fun brain teaser for kids that makes learning fun! 

Joe was raised in the Detroit Metropolitan area. An artist at heart, Joe is a graduate of Western Michigan University, with a Bachelor's of Arts in English (Creative Writing) and a Minor in Philosophy. A former musician, Joe legally became disabled in 2015 due to health problems. He enjoys spending time with dogs, as should all right thinking people. 

$50 Amazon 

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    1. It's such a fun little book. Perfect for children who are learning to read. Thanks for coming by Mary!

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