Thursday, December 5, 2019

DEADLY GAMES: AN ACADEMY BULLY ROMANCE by River Ramsey #Series #RecentRelease #YA #NA #Romance #Mythology #Bully #ReverseHarem

Deadly Games: An Academy Bully Romance
(Academy of the Gods Book 3)
Published: November 27, 2019
Genre: YA/NA Romance, Mythology, Reverse Harem

The deadliest game is the one you never chose to play.

Finding out Ares, the god of war, is my father was a shock.
Finding out I’m destined to lead his troops out of the aether and overthrow Cronus himself?
Let’s just say I’m gonna need more than chamomile tea to power through this.
Hades, Loki, and Fenrir are the last three people I’d want to be stranded with, but the only way we’re getting out of this hellscape is by working together.
If they think I’m going to forget all their wicked games just because we have a common goal, they’re dead wrong.
The Queen is taking her throne back, and these three gorgeous jerks are going to have to grovel if they want forgiveness.

This is the final book in the Academy of the Gods Trilogy. 

My Review:

What a wonderfully amazing ending to the fabulous trilogy, “Academy of the Gods”! I loved each step of this dark and twisty storyline as it continued.  Back are the main characters, Kore and her men along with Hades, Odin, and the whole gang.  The plot has kept me absolutely mesmerized throughout this entire series, eagerly awaiting each new book. River Ramsey is truly a creative genius when it comes to writing stories like this.  He draws the sucks the reader into each tale and keeps you completely mesmerized, needing to know the outcome of Kore’s life through the rollercoaster drama, twists, ups and downs of this series. The Academy of the Gods series keeps you on an emotional loop as you finish each book and eagerly anticipate beginning the next one. The series just got better and better with each book. While it's hard to have this series come to an end as I feel like I am leaving old friends, River no doubt has something equally fabulous ready to wow and amaze us, coming down the pipeline.


I received this free ARC I requested and am voluntarily leaving my review.  All opinions are my own.

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